Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Chem324, Fall 2019 @ Iowa State University

Instructor: Prof. Davit Potoyan

TA: Mr. Zachery Crandall


This is the official website for the Chem324 course “Introduction to Quantum Mechanics” offered by the Chemistry Department of Iowa State University. This page provides an overview of the website and its broad purpose.

  • These lecture notes incorporate interactive numerical computing visualization, and other media alongisde the tradiionall lecture material. This integrated approach allows seeing both the fundmanetal and applied side of quantum mechanics. Our hope is that by engaging in hands-on numeircal explorations one can demistify complex concepts of quantum mechanics. Additionally quantum emchanics can serve as a good motivator for picking up widely applicable numerical and computaitonal and data skills.

  • All course content is written in Markdown and Jupyter Notebooks all of which is hosted on Github. The entire course material is open source and freely available for download and personal use. We are happy to recieve any feedback on any aspect of this course. So feel free to reach us with cool ideas!

  • All the code in the notebooks is written using python3.7. We primarily use the standard standard scientific libraries of python (numpy, spicy, matplotlib) which are included in the anaconda3 and miniconda3 distributions.

Installing and running Jupyter notebooks/python3.

You have several options for utilizing the jupyter notebooks:

  • Option-1: You can run the Jupyter notebooks in the cloud of your browser. This option requires no installation!

  • Option-2: You can download anaconda3 or miniconda3 which contains everything you need. Any other extra packages can be readily installed through anaconda package manager.

  • Option-3: You can read the content online or download as pdf to be printed for offline reading.


This content is originally designed and launched by Davit Potoyan with the support from Zachery Crandall. Feel free to direct all and any questions to Davit.